Sing - Just for Fun

Hello! I'm Jacqui. I love singing with others, and more than that I love enabling people to sing together. I get the biggest buzz from seeing the delight (and sometimes shock!) on people's faces when they hear themselves singing as a group and making a wonderful sound!

I first experienced the magic of singing together around the campfire as a Girl Guide and I've never stopped!

In 2004, I started going along to a singing workshop led by Faith Watson of Singing for Larks. I was thrilled to learn wonderful acapella harmony songs, all taught by ear. I became a regular and within a year I decided I wanted to be able lead my own singing workshops. First came a year of planning and fundraising, and then I began 2 years of training, with Faith as my mentor, to acquire the skills I needed.

I began leading songs at Woodlarks singing group as part of my mentoring with Faith, and in September 2008 at the end of my training, I succeeded her as the workshop leader. For almost 5 years I enjoyed working with Woodlarks every week.

In summer 2009 I moved to Sheffield, and for several years ran three regular workshops here. I was very sad to leave my two daytime groups in 2015 when I started working full-time.

I continue to run a weekly sing on Wednesday evenings. We had a wonderful 10-year celebration in March 2020 just before lockdown, and are so happy to be singing together again since September 2021.

I am a member of the Natural Voice Network.

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